yc-02 mini UHT sterilizer

YC-02 mini uht sterilizer is manufactured for simulating industrial manufacture and research in laboratory,completely duplication the industrial production, which is adaptive to wide ranges of viscidity, and be same with preparation of fibers and granules, precisely mimic prepare, homogenizing, aging, pasteurism, fast sterilization under ultra-temperature and aseptic filling. The whole system is integrated with the CIP and SIP online, which can be configured optionally a homogeniser and a aseptic filling cabinet on your needs.

YC-02 mini UHT sterilizer Application

Such as beverage,fruit juice, fresh milk, yogurt,tea, sauce dressings, soups and so on.

YC-02 mini UHT sterilizer technical parameter

Capacity of material processing :20 L per hour (Highly available by your demand).

Heating to 150 ℃ at the flow rates stated.

Cooling to below 5 ℃ at the flow rates stated.

heated hot water recirculators,no steam required

PLC controller, 8 inch LCD touch screen,two modes of run: Automatic-mode, and Eye-monitored mode for the purpose of easily controlling experimental process .

Temperature Precision:±0.5℃

The times of sterilizing include :3S,5S,10S,30S,300S(optional)

Product system pressures to 10 bar.

SIP (Sterilise In Place) an option for Aseptic sampling.

Built in true CIP (Clean In Place), flow for CIP more than 400 Ltr per hour

Outlet temp. adjustable by request.

Each heating section is individually controlled to enable a wide setting of product temperatures,the product is heated by pressurised hot water recirculators which are PID controlled for greater stability and accuracy(the precision of sterilizing temperature is ±0.5℃) . The cooling is in 1 or 2 stages dependant on the final cooling temperature required.

380 volt 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hz.

Power:13 KW

YC-02 mini UHT sterilizer technological flow

(1)Tube preheating & sterilizing: to sterilize the tube by superheated water and last for some time, then chill out to normal temperature and stand by.

(2) Material sterilizing: to ensure the sterilizing temp. & time according to experiment requirement(In line homogeniser can be added either upstream or downstream).

(3) Aseptic filling: hot filling or normal temp. filling based on laboratory needs.

(4) CIP cleanup .

Material→ hopper→screw pump→preheating tube→(homo.) →sterilizing tube(137~150℃)→water-cooling→(homo.)→(→ice-cold)→aseptic filling

Sr.no Parameter Pilotech YC-02 uht sterilizer
1 Power 13KW ,380V ,50/60Hz
4 Rated capacity 20-25l/h
5 Min. sample 3-5L
5 Max. heating temperature 150⁰C
6 Cooling temperature normal temperature  or 5⁰C(optional)
7 Heating unit Heat hot water recirculators
8 Temperature control PID control
9 Heating precision ±0.5⁰C
10 Sterilizing time 3s 5s 10s 30s   300s(optional)
11 System pressure 10Bar
12 Sterilize SIP an option for aseptic sampling
13 Clean CIP( 400LPH)
14 Outlet temperature adjustable
15 Dimensions 1150*910*1650mm
16 Operation mode Automatic/Manual
17 USB connector Yes
18 Body material SUS304 Stainless steel
19 Filling system Sterile cabinet(optional)
20 Filtering membrane HEPA (filter efficiency 99.99%)
21 PET bottle suitable
22 Jacketed filling device 10L(5L)
23 Filling valve Air operated filling device
24 Ozone generating system optional
25 Material touch part SUS316L
26 Operation mode Automatic/Manual
27 Display 7-Inch LCD display

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